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Protocol details

Protocol details.

📄️ Accreditation

USTY tokens are offered in compliance with Rule 506(c) of the U.S. Securities Act of 1933. This means that USTY is open to accredited investors. Prior to accepting subscriptions for USTY, Yieldteq must verify that each investor meets these accredited investor criteria. The verification is conducted by Yieldteq’s partner Securitize iD. It may include reviewing financial statements, tax returns, bank statements, or obtaining written confirmation from a qualified third party, such as a registered broker-dealer, attorney, or certified public accountant.

📄️ Utilisation Rate

The utilization rate refers to the ratio of aggregate nominal amount of ETF shares held in the USTY Vault to the aggregate outstanding nominal amount of USTY, expressed as a percentage of the aggregate outstanding nominal amount of the USTY. A higher utilization rate signifies that a greater proportion of USTY are invested into ETF. The utilization rate is targeted at a minimum of 95%. Note, however, that the actual utilization rate may fluctuate due to new deposits, redemptions, and portfolio rebalancing. The actual yield of USTY is dependent on the utilization rate and the NAV of the ETF.